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    Located in the heart of Alameda in the historic Crolls building is The New Zealander, the Bay Area’s only New Zealand restaurant.

    We offer pub-style meals in a friendly atmosphere. Our full bar includes domestic and imported beer on tap, plus beer and wine from Australia and New Zealand.

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The New Zealander Introduces Two New MOA Beers!

Moa St Josephs Belgian Tripel


A true Abbey style Tripel with strong clove and spice flavours with a noticeable fruit ester profile.  9.5% ABV  

Moa 5 Hop Ale



Our first ale. A powerful malty character and creamy sweetness imparts serious weight and mouth-feel to this beer. 6.2% ABV 


18 Month Aged New Zealand Cheddar

     Just last Sunday our famous Ba-Ba Burger was served with a slice of the house, eighteen month aged New Zealand Cheddar.  The patron left, called back upon arriving home, asked what cheese was on that burger and came back to purchase a sample.  “That was the best tasting cheese I have ever eaten,” exclaimed the patron. 

Who wants to take home a B-List cheddar? When Fiscalini Bandage Cheddar or Reade’s are so trendy no one wants to be seen with something from nowhere,  or worse, Kraft. (So D-List.)

It’s obvious to see why the A-Listers in the cheddar world are such stars.  Lincolnshire Poacher is meaty, it has cojones and can stand up to any food or drink you pair at it. Grafton, a popular Vermont cheddar, representin’ the East Side of US cheddars, is smooth and a little bit sweet. Westcombe is tame and a tad bit floral, which makes it either the black sheep or white lamb of the cheddars (and either way you lean it’s still tasty with a slice of apple).  

Yet one has to truly give the most attention to New Zealand cheddar. Flavorful and firm. A reliable grass-fed cow’s milk cheese. That’s what this cheddar is: organic, all-purpose cheddar. 


Affordable, amenable, it’s a good cheddar to take home to mom. Not so sharp that it’ll scare her off like bringing home an ex-convict boyfriend, but not so mild that she’ll politely excuse herself to commit suicide in the kitchen from boredom. New Zealand cheddar possesses a soft, but reserved texture, and offers eyebrow-raising repartee at the dinner table.  

It proves to you that it deserves equal treatment to the likes of A-List cheddars.  

Move over Grafton, I’m taking New Zealand home with me.  So the next time you’re enjoying the best burger in the East Bay at the New Zealander Restaurant & Pub, make that a cheese burger……….a New Zealand Cheddar Cheeseburger!  

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels – Good for You!

Seafood, in the form of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel, can help to reduce the pain of arthritis due to its inflammatory properties. 

Green-lipped mussels contain eicosatetaenoic acid which is said to be more powerful than some prescribed painkillers in easing joint problems.The extract of the mussel contains hyaluronic acid, a lubricating fluid found naturally in the joints.

The healing qualities of the green-lipped mussel were first found in the 1960s when research was being carried out in New Zealand to find treatments for cancer. Since then studies on the component parts of the mussels have concluded that a glycogen complex found in the shellfish can help reduce joint swelling – a common complaint of arthritis sufferers.  Coastal-dwelling Maori have been observed to have very low incidence of arthritis and related diseases and researchers have attributed this to their consumption of green-lipped mussels found exclusively in the pristine marine waters of New Zealand:

So next time you’re in The New Zealander and contemplating what New Zealand dish is right for you, start off with some pain relieving Green Lipped Mussels.  Enjoy! 

The New Zealander’s “Aucklander 3AM White Lady Special” Burger

She has been an iconic eatery in Auckland since 1948. She is The White Lady and she makes excellent takeaways. From burgers to toasted sandwiches to milkshakes, The White Lady is a takeaway experience not to be missed. The White Lady operate’s between 7pm and 3am Monday to Thursday, and from 8pm on Friday until 3am on Monday.  The New Zealander Restaurant & Pub pay’s tribute to this New Zealand icon with the “Aucklander 3AM White Lady Special” famous burger.  Most Aucklanders know the White Lady, as a catering trailer that pulls up outside bars late at night and serves burgers to hungry drunks. Hungry drunks apparently like burgers with pickled beets (a Kiwi staple), a fried egg, a pineapple ring, ham, cheddar, tomatoes, grilled onions, and garlic. No word on whether sober Aucklanders like them, too.

So the next time you stop by the New Zealander with a big appetite, order up what can only be described as a burger with so much flavor it put’s a Starburst to shame.  Enjoy. 



Dog Friendly Patio at the New Zealander

The New Zealander Restaurant & Pub would like to welcome all dog owners to our dog friendly patio.  Enjoy a sunny afternoon with a pint of cold beer, a plate of appetizers and a great meal with your best friend at your side.  As the owners of The New Zealander, we understand the wonderful relationship of dog ownership, as we are also proud dog owners.  Thanks for patronage and we will see you soon.  Cheers!!  

New Zealand Blue Nose Grouper – Our Fish & Chips


Southwest Pacific: New Zealand and Australia (including Western Australia). These fish are found over rough ground and at the edges of canyons and steep drop-offs. Bluenose appear to prefer cold water as part of their general behavior.


The Quota Management System lies behind New Zealand’s reputation as the world’s leader in sustainable fisheries management. It was introduced in 1986, with the aims of conserving major fisheries stocks and helping make seafood industry more efficient. The waters surrounding New Zealand are divided into 8 different zones. Within each zone all species have a quota. The quota could be fished in one day or spread more evenly throughout the year. Weather conditions in June-August often make it difficult to meet the quota in those months.


Dark blue-grey or brownish-grey upper body, paler to silver on sides and belly, with small scales. Bluenose can be distinguished from other grouper by its blunt snout. The flesh is firm textured, medium colored, turns opaque when cooked. Bluenose meat is moist and succulent.

New Zealand bluenose comes into the restaurant every Tuesday and Thursday.  New Zealand’s seasons are reversed from ours; our summer (their winter) is the most common time for storms . Our favorite way to cook bluenose is to flour or lightly bread it and deep fry it for the best Fish & Chips in the Bay Area. Simply served with our homemade tartar sauce, freshly cut fries and a lemon wedge.  Enjoy!

Beer’s on Tap at The New Zealander Restaurant & Pub

Red Seal Ale
Malt and hops are beautifully married in this full-bodied, copper-red Pale Ale. Red Seal is generously hopped for a long, spicy finish. An excellent accompaniment to grilled meats and rich sauces.  ABV: 5.5%

Imperial India Pale Ale
San Diego-style IPA, as it has come to be known by many, is super-hoppy, high gravity, yet highly quaffable ale. Our Imperial IPA is created in this new tradition with intense hop flavors and aromas from a unique blend of Summit and Nugget hops. It’s all about the hops!   ABV: 9.4%

  West Coast I.P.A.
This West Coast-Style India Pale Ale is extravagantly hopped, full flavored, medium bodied and copper colored. A menagerie of hops is combined throughout the brewing process to impart specific characteristics. Hops used include Simcoe for a unique fruitiness and grapefruit zest, Columbus for strong hop pungency, Centennial for pine and citrus notes, and Cascade for floral aroma.  ABV: 7%


Paulaner Hefeweizen
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen is the company’s flagship style and brings the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Munich’s beer gardens to America. It is a classic Bavarian wheat beer. “Hefe” in German translates to yeast and “Weizen” (pronounced Vi-Zen) translates to wheat. Yeast retained in the beer is responsible for the cloudy appearance of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen. A centrifuge process is used with traditional wheat beers to retain the yeast instead of the typical filtering process used with beers that are clear in appearance. Paulaner Hefe-Weizen contains 60% malted wheat and 40% malted barley.  Paulaner Hefe-Weizen is refreshment made for relaxing with friends any time of the year.  ABV: 5.5%

Wipeout India Pale Ale (IPA)

Welcome to the waters of Wipeout IPA, a massively hopped India Pale Ale with enough substance and body to overcome even the worst and most tragic of on the water spills. We brew Wipeout IPA for everyone- especially those hardy souls who brave the cold winter water and monster sets produced by an amazing northwest swell.  Only a tidal wave of hops can overcome the surging tide of malt that is required to produce a beer of this shape. We invite you to drop in, hang on and kick out the backside.  That is, unless you enjoy wiping out and all the glory that goes with it.  ABV – 7.0%

Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA

 Appearance: Pours a cloudy amber with a creamy lasting beige head. Aroma: Faint sweetness and citrus hops. Taste: Spicy sweet malt and modest mixture of bitter and citrusy hops. Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with medium carbonation.   ABV:  9.25%

Acme Pale Ale
This easy-drinking Pale Ale revives the name of one of the early icons of California brewing. Clean-tasting and pleasantly malty, Acme Pale is brewed with Yakima Valley hops, American two-row malt and British specialty malts for depth.
ABV: 5.0%



Old Rasputin Imperial Stout

Produced in the tradition of 18th Century English brewers who supplied the court of Russia’s Catherine the Great, Old Rasputin seems to develop a cult following wherever it goes. It’s a rich, intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish.
ABV: 9%





Shipyard XXXX IPA (Signature Series)

Shipyard XXXX IPA pours orange in color with an off white head. The aroma is hoppy, piney and quite decent.   ABV: 9.25%

Blackthorn Cider
First made in the seventies, it is now one of Britain’s best known and widely drunk ciders.  A proper pint of West Country cider, 1972 was the year a team of West Country master cider makers were tasked with making a new West Country cider that would satisfy the taste buds of discerning cider drinkers nationwide.

Back then there was no big brief, in fact nothing was even written down. The cider makers were simply told to create a proper pint, a serious drink, and a cider that was distinctive from the rest.

And after months of blending English Cider apples and many a late night tasting session, Blackthorn cider emerged, a real cider. It was an instant hit with the traditional cider drinkers in the South West – a proper pint with a distinctive and unforgettable taste.  Millions of pints later… from small beginnings, word quickly spread and Blackthorn rapidly grew to become one of Britain’s best selling ciders and one that remains true to its West County roots.


A smooth, full-bodied nut brown ale, lightly hopped with a hint of roasted and crystal malts.  This ale is dark in color without the heavy taste of porter or stout.  ABV: 5%

Delirium Tremens Belgium-styled Ale 

A typical Belgium-styled strong ale. At 8.5% ABV, it has a sneaky kick to it, so watch out.  Delirium Tremens beer has a smooth malty body. Strong hints of citrus and spice gives this beer a great taste. This beer is highly carbonated which gives it a milky, creamy head that lasts a while. Warning: pour slow, the head can easily take over the glass.

It’s no wonder this beer was voted the “Best beer in the World” in 1998.